Gedik Yatırım Annual Report 2021


30 Years of Development

Number of Employees

7.29% of the total workforce in the industry works at Gedik Yatırım.
19910 2112000 2142010 33220154322021

Number of

10.98% of the total branches in the industry are Gedik Yatırım branches.
19911 162000 242010 352015 442021

Shareholders’ Equity
(TL million)

Gedik Yatırım ranks eighth in the industry in terms of equity size.
19910.005 4.92000 56.62010 101.02015548.1 2021

Net Profit
Return on Equity

Gedik Yatırım ranks third in the industry in terms of return on equity.
Net Profit (TL Million) Return on Equity (%) 12.7 2010 22% 18.1 2015 12% 240.2 44% 2021 2.0 2000 42%

Interview with Erhan Topaç, the Architect of 30 Years of Adventure


1991 was a difficult time for the whole world. It was also a very difficult time for capital markets that were still in their infancy. There was a sense of amazement when I told my immediate circle that I would establish Gedik Yatırım. But I was determined. We set out to be “the first brand that comes to mind when thinking about investment in Turkey.”


Chairman of the Board of Directors


Key Indicators as of the End of 2021

596TL Million
Public Offering Sales Amount
240.2TL Million
Net Profit
548.1TL Million
Shareholders’ Equity
17.8TL Billion
Investor Assets
3.5TL Billion
Total Assets
2.0TL Billion
Market Value

Message from the CEO


In 30 years, Turkey has gone through many difficulties. Markets have overcome bottlenecks, and Gedik Yatırım has overcome all difficulties with its inherent endurance since its establishment. In this process, Gedik Yatırım has always taken firm steps forward with the goal of leadership and will continue to move forward without ceasing. We always make long-term plans and internalize sustainability. We know that this is a marathon, not a short-distance race and that we need to make progress persistently and stubbornly. We are an organization that started everything from scratch, accumulated experience and achieved success. Our vision is very clear: leadership in all fields in the industry. Every year, we strive to make progress beyond the industry level to achieve this. We believe that another 30 years begin today and that every day will turn into a better future for Gedik Yatırım and capital markets.




Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

By using state-of-the-art technology with our people, we aim to

  • offer services that meet any investment need,
  • raise awareness for the development of savings in our country, and
  • add value to everyone we interact with.
Our Vision

To be the Leader “in every field” of capital markets.

Our Corporate Values
  • Investors are our priority.
  • Our people are our vital capital.
  • We always make investments that highlight our strength.
  • Moral and ethical responsibility is one of our leading corporate values.
  • Efficiency is essential to everything we do.
Our Social Values
  • Training to increase savings and conscious saving.
  • Increasing Female participation in the labor force.
  • Nature for a sustainable life.